New Random Access Analyzer

Medical / New Random Access Analyzer

3 visuals

Design development, engineering and production of moulds and parts for a new randon access analyzer.

Inject yourself by ergonomics

Medical / injection pen

3 visuals

Project study in collboration with IBE - Office for Ergonomic studies for a new injection pen

air condition system

Medical / aeroplethysmograph

2 visuals

Product development of a aeroplethysmograph - engineering of all mechanical parts.

Chairside and ergonomic - Dental Scan Center

1 visuals

Productdesign; engineering of all mechanical parts; manufacturing of a prototype of a chairside dental scan center for Hint-ELS, Germany.

Dental Desktop Scanner

2 visuals

Design development, engineering of all mechanical parts, prototyping and production of a small series of a dental desktop scanner for Hint-ELS GmbH, Germany.

New Stress Monitor

Medical / Study of a new stress monitor

6 visuals

Design development of a program of components for the monitoring of different measuring data like HRV and other physical data.

Biofeedback in one hand

Medical / Biofeedback system

1 visuals

Design development; engineering of all mechanical parts; sourcing of manufacturers for the mould and part production of a medical device for Biosign GmbH, Germany.

Development of Dental Milling Machine - Production of a small series

Medical / Dental Milling Machine

2 visuals

Design development and engineering of a dental milling machine for Hint-Els GmbH, Germany.

News for your Teeth

1 visuals

Designdevelopment and engineering for a new flosser for PS Products, Germany.

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The new "Piccola Premium" wins Plus X Award 2013

2013 industrialpartners wins prestigious red dot design award

The design of the controller "sunny multi gate" was worth an award of the jury of the red dot design award 2013. industrialpartners designed this product for the SMA solar technology AG in Kassel, Germany.

industrialpartners wins 2 awards at the prestigious iF product design award

industrialpartners is one of the most successful German design studios at the design competition iF product design award 2012/2013. Two prizes were awarded to the heat pump designed by us Ai1 Waterkotte and the measuring tape"Quicky-Pro.